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Two world societies and secret order - 2 and final part



### (I continued to two world societies and secret order -1 to Part 2 and finalized these parts. So let's start its part 2. I hope you like it also part 2) Some are already part of collective knowledge. There is no doubt that there are groups that work secretly in the world, their organization and leaders remain a mystery. Its other people are a mystery to the majority of the population and even though we know their names and some symbols. ## The Knights Templar This order began with the intention of protecting the Christians coming to Jerusalem. Its activity lasted for almost two centuries and after the first Crusade, around nine of the French Knights were established around 1118 under the leadership of Hugo de Payens. This order of the temple was a Christian military group of these middle Ages. ![]( According to this group disclosures, financially similarly supports secret societies. In the years the order became more powerful and more followers received. This was the reason that the organization was dissolved at the beginning of the XIV century. This story tells that the King of France by King Felipe IV, members were tortured and executed in their totality. ## Skull and Bones This connectivity was established in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, two members of Phi Beta Kappa Fraternity. This is a secret society based on Yale University in Skull & Bones New Haven. ![]( Among them are William Howard Taft, George Bush and George H. W. Bush, among other prominent businessmen. Many American political leaders have come out of this organization. ## Bilderberg Club This meeting has been held annually for 60 years, in which about 130 people from these political, business-related activities have participated and there is a religious area among others through a special invitation. This Bilderberg Group was started in 1954 when these most influential people of the world met to discuss and plan the global agenda. ![]( Envy is guarded by its projects, issues and actions taken from them. Because its meeting is known all over the world, this technically buildberg is not a secret society. This group has been the hero of its dozen conspiracy theories to establish a new world order. [source]( ________________ ![]( ![](; # It's important to be important, but it's important to be good.
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