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Tom Lee says that Bitcoin [BTC] has not broken, even though terror and emotion plays an unequal role.



After living in the $ 6500 value range for this entire October, these dip is in the $ 4,200 area. This bitcoin broke the emotional support line at $ 6,000. He said that he is usually playing a big role because Bitcoin broke the support lines. In the CNBC interview Thomas Lee, a CEO of Tom Lee's CEO, explained that this is a feeling in bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. This is not a case even though the Panics have panic in the short span. The markets around the world are delicate and terrorist and this feeling is still playing an unequal role, does it mean that the bitcoin is broken? ![]( This Lee said that bear market properties cause fall and it is fine that what is happening now, people are getting nervous. He explained that the use of bitcoin will always be the same - it does not matter how much panic and FUD is present. He said that the decline in these prices below $ 6000 started "stop-loss" for traders, which worsened to reduce the price of bitcoin. Lee said that sudden decline in the prices of bitcoin can be attributed to two reasons. He said that SEC secures every other cryptocurrency as securities. The SEC's chairman, Joe Clayton, has kept his intention about every other cryptocurrency except for being considered as securities with bitcoins and Ethereum. According to Li, this second reason could be the investigation of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the enforcement of multiple cryptocurrency projects. According to his data science-research team of Bitcoin, it has crossed the $ 8,000 brake price and reached $ 7,000. This Lee talked to CNBC recently and funded research by Fundstrat on the basis of the revision of the year's prediction for bitcoin again up to $ 15.00. [source](
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