Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

The Tiniest portion of bitcoin is more important than many fiat currencies (Rial, Dong and Rupiah)



This tiny bit of bitcoin is more important than many fiat currencies. This bitcoin is the world's largest digital asset, which is becoming expensive along with the passage of time. It is the tenth part of a bitcoin and a satoshis. Whose price is 0.00000001 BTC, which is more than many Fiat currencies? [Pic-Source]( One of its Satoshi is more important than many Fiat currencies. This Iranian Rial (IRR) is one of those currencies whose prices are lower than Satoshi. Each of its currency in this currency is currently 0.00002375 USD. This will allow its users to buy more than 42,100 serials per US dollar. This is one of the most inexpensive currencies in the world due to bad policies, including Iran's sanctions of the United States. Inflation in the country can reach 40 percent this year, and the economy will fall back due to the massive devaluation experienced by restrictions and riyals. This Vietnamese dong is also like riyal. The price of its Vietnamese Dong (VND) is 0.0000428781 USD, it is according to XE. Each dollar will be exchanged for 23,321 VND. There are separate banknotes produced by the Central Bank of Vietnam. This institution is currently printing bills starting at 100 docks and the largest is equivalent to 500,000 beats. It is worth mentioning that these figures are nominal and they do not keep the purchasing power or PBI / CAP in mind. This country is booming this time. Many investors in Vietnam are giving their funds and the inflation rate is more than just 4 percent. This Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is another currency which is of less value than Satoshi. Although it Indonesia is a powerful country with a large population. It has an uncertain economy and a very high inflation rate. In nominal terms, the currency has fallen to its lowest point in 20 years compared to USD. Nonetheless, it is not possible to buy goods and services with digital currencies. Because they country has banned digital currencies in Vietnam. There are many other currencies around the world which are performing very poorly and do not allow individuals to plan or save money. They are talking about Venezuela Bolivar and Argentine Pacers who have experienced great devaluation and their respective countries are facing a major inflation rate. [Source](
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