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The ideas about the relationship between science and religion!



Keeping my life small but giving my life but living for millions of years in the hearts of people ![]( The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, Especially a personal God or gods, The ideas about the relationship between science and religion! Time, power and property, Do not give up with the body, but The nature makes sense and, Good communication always accompanies. ![]( Eyes full of love, bowed down with reverence, Hand walking while walking on the road, and God is always very much like a tongue connected with truth. Lakshmi Pray got money, The master should get wisdom, All of you worshiped your parents, you should get good welfare. Thanks and apologize, The person with two properties, He is very close to everyone and everyone is Aziz. ![]( Saturate life will always be successful because of successful life Success is always calculated by others. While the rest of the self is by the mind and the mast The trick of man also changes with money, and Religion, faith also changes. When money is passed, Walks hard, and When Religion of faith passes, it turns out to be solemn. [pics-source](
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