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Swirling patch of multi-hued colored pencil composite portraits by Linsey Lavendall



![image.png]( ![image.png]( ![image.png]( We have seen more of their paintings made in colored pencils and ink on Instagram and Behance. Although, he is now lives in rural Canada and works. This artist grew up in the Cape Flats of Cape Town. He makes a multi-haired landscape that takes the form of hair and skin of his country. ![image.png]( ![image.png]( ![image.png]( This artist and Illustrator Linsey Lavendall make a portrait by making hundreds of small patches of patches. This Lavendall has shares with Colossal. These prismatic works show a series of human circumstances, ![image.png]( ![image.png]( ![image.png]( which capture everything from deep introspection to pure joy. His work is inspired by a detailed collection of interests including Salvador Dali, animation, graphic novels and Cubism. ![image.png]( [source](
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