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Such a secret of Draupadi that all the Pandavas were shocked to hear,



You also know, its such a secret of Draupadi that all the Pandavas were shocked to hear!! The Mahabharata is the largest religious scripture in the world. Different scholars interpret it differently according to them. There are some instances in which there are fewer known people. Today we are going to tell you about such an incident. ![]( ![]( Draupadi was the wife of Pandav, but for whom was his most loved, today you will know through this incident. According to a well-known plot, once Draupadi visited, the grapes were seen on the tree and broke it. Then Lord Krishna came there and told Draupadi that a sage was going to break his fast from the grapes. All of them were disturbed and asked to guide Krishna to avoid the wrath of the sage. ![]( ![]( Krishna said that I will keep the grapes of this vine just below the tree and all the people have to come here one by one and open my secret. If someone said a lie, then this grape will never be associated with the tree again and all of us will have to face the wrath of the sage. ![]( ![]( Yudhisthira first came and he said that there should be a spread of injustice and righteousness in place of unrighteousness. It is said that the fruit was slightly raised in the air. After this there come Bhim and he said that my attachment to food, war, rest and sleep is never less and whosoever puts my mace on my hand, he will have to face my anger. Bhim said that the fruit lifted slightly more. ![]( ![]( After this Arjun's turn came, he said that my reputation and prestige are dear to my soul too and as long as I will not kill Karn, the purpose of my life will not be fulfilled. After this Nakul and Sahdev also went on speaking truth. Now the turn of Draupadi came, he said that the five husbands are like my five senses. But after saying this, he remained in the same place as the bunch of grapes. Everyone understood that Draupadi is still hiding a secret. ![]( ![]( After this Draupadi said that he loves Karna in addition to the five Pandavas, but due to caste, I could not marry him. Now I am sorry because if I married Karna, then because of me, this would never have happened to everyone. All of them were shocked to hear this and then Pandavas realized that they had rejected Draupadi wishes so far. ![]( [pics-source]( )
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