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SEC's next step: Social Media Influencers promoting crypto ICO



Those who it has promote the ICO to these general public. This is the next wave of enforcement by the SEC, inspired by the recent agreement with professional boxer Floyd Mayweather, and music producer DJ Khaled is expected to be on social media influencers. A top official of this said at the beginning of this year that dozens of cases are pending. These are u Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is actively cracking on crypto initial coin offer (ICO) projects. ![]( ## When ICO Promotion Is a Fraud If there are enough evidence to prove. These writers of YouTube celebrities, the Cryptocurrency review platform, publication and many more individuals and these organizations can be targeted by the SEC. This is any famous person or other person who promotes a virtual token or coin. Without disclosing the amount received from the ICO organizers to the target audience, a person or organization received compensation from the ICO organizers. The commission said that these investors should be aware of the celebrities who promote the token on the blockchain. On 28 November, the SEC followed his previous statement and said, and said. This security should disclose the nature, extent and amount of compensation received in return for promotion. "The SEC had said last year that failure to disclose compensation is considered fraudulent.
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