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Nothing is impossible



# Quote of the day: It was not thought; it use to be. ## It seems an impossible task! or It is not able to happen, exist, or happen. _________________________ ![]( Do you know when an animal's child is small then it is tied with thin and weak rope. But because the child of the animal is weak and weak, it cannot run away by breaking the rope. ## Life Changing: Nothing Impossible __________________ But why does this happen? When the child of that animal becomes big and powerful, it is tied with a thin and weak rope, which he can easily break but he does not break that rope and stays tied. This is because when the child of the animal is small, he repeatedly tries to escape the rope and escape, but because of weakness he cannot break that thin rope and, finally, assumes that he never cannot break the rope. Even when the child of an animal grows up, he understands that he cannot break that rope and he does not try it. In this way, he is tied to a small rope due to his false belief or false belief, whereas he is one of the most powerful animals in the world. [pic-source](
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