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India stopped all trade orders for Pakistanis!



This is in the form of tension between the two countries after the attack last week in Pulwama. According to the Indian media, a District Magistrate of Bikaner city of Rajasthan has restricted the hotel and the lodge in the district, it has been asked to leave these Pakistani nationals in the Rajasthan city of India within 48 hours. In which Pakistani citizens have been allowed to investigate. Any citizen of any type of telecommunications will not exchange any sensitive information or any sensitive information with any unknown person. And any person in Bikaner district will not use the SIM card registered in Pakistan as per the order. This Indian nation has been asked to not give any job to any Pakistani citizen and do not do any direct or indirect business with the neighboring country. A private TV channel said that about 300 trucks are carrying cement, one of which is Pakistan's major export; it was stuck on the Wahga border on Tuesday when the duty suddenly increased 200%. This order applies for two months, but will not apply to the Pakistani nationals registered with the foreign registration officer. This district administration said. In the last financial year, Pakistan was sold India $ 23 million worth of cement. And this will also suffer from the reaction of fruits and vegetable exporters as they exported $ 41 million in production. Their imports from this have become very expensive or almost impossible. It was also a barrier to the loading of 170 containers by sea. It is one fourth of Pakistan's total cement exports in the Indian market. This Defense Minister said that he does not want to say how the government can react to it because no words were sufficient enough to accept anger and this is the disappointment of every person in the country. Apart from this, reacting to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan commenting on the attack, Indian Defense Minister Sitharaman criticized Pakistan for seeking evidence of his alleged involvement in terrorism in Pulwama. And said that it was India which was giving evidence but neighboring the country has not taken any action. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already allowed the Indian Army to answer anytime and as he sees fit, Sitharaman said. After the Pulwama terror attack, Indian Defense Minister Sitharaman said on the morale of the defense forces, "This morale is not affected at all; they are all ready to this reaction has got more inspiration from the response of the people of India. He said that security agencies are working tirelessly to collect more information from this land. He said that every possible effort will be made to stop any future like the Pulwama terror attack. He said that what the Government was doing to avoid the recurrence of the Pulwama type attacks, Sitharaman said that India is gathering more information to stop such incidents in the future. In a related development, he will not participate in the World Cup shooting in New Delhi after confirmation on Tuesday by a top official of the Pakistan National Federation. Visas issued by the High Commission of India The championship was to start from Wednesday morning, but we were not issued a visa today, so this journey is just as good, as told by Raze Ahmed, President of Pakistan's National Rifle Shooting Federation, to PTI. I had little concern about getting a visa after the Pulwama incident and our fears have come true. Apart from this, Pakistan said on Tuesday that it was in the 48 hours that the Indian pending order to leave Rajasthan was to condemn his jingoism and hatred, to come on the spot and to showcase Indian hospitality and tourism friendship. It is disappointing that our shooters will not get the chance to qualify for the Olympic Games. We hope that India will follow the inter-state norms and ensure full security of all Pakistanis; a spokesman said in another related development, Pakistan on Tuesday, along with the weak security of its high commission, along with the authorities, a strong protest has been filed. It is a reprehensible refutation of hatred by Indian campaigners to condemn the Pakistanis to leave Rajasthan and stop them from staying at the hotel. Foreign Office spokesman Dr. Mohammed Faisal posted in his tweet handles tweets that it shows off about Indian hospitality and its tourism friendship. Where the protesters were allowed to reach and blow the gate. Despite the presence of these Indian security officials, the Pakistan House has not been underlined that despite the strong opposition of the Government of India, it is a task of harassment to target the Pakistan High Comm. New Delhi Special Secretary Imtiaz Ahmed called on the caretaker Indian High Commissioner Gaurav Ahluwalia on Tuesday to protest against the performance of Pakistan on Monday, to these officials and their families. [source](
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