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Floyd Mayweather charged by SEC for crypto fraud



In this case Mayweather did not disclose that he was paid for promoting investment in the ICU. This SEC has charged Floyd Mayweather to be in crypto fraud on Thursday. ![]( ## Companies involved in crypto fraud This SEC had already blamed the company for the fraudulent ICO. Who paid him for promoting the offerings? Center Technology was one of those companies. According to the SEC, this Mayweather does not convey that he gets $ 300,000 from three ICO issuers. After all, this SEC has disclosed that the paying followers should not mislead the listeners into believing they offer a fair recommendation. It promises to attack at high rates and does not disclose that it is paid to support its offer. He did this by encouraging his social media followers to join the ICON of the Center. He decides to cooperate with the SEC and pays her $ 300,000 received. In addition, the interest pays $ 300,000 in penury and $ 14,775. He sells it before you sell it, I got it He is now a part of the sentence and is also prohibited from promoting any security for three years. This season can increase the center's ICO on its Twitter account, tweeting that it starts in a few hours. This is the first two persons to promote Mayweather and Khaled ICO. They should pay $ 50,000 in interest as well as $ 2,752 along with a payment of $ 50,000. He was also paid for promoting the center and on Thursday the SEC had also accused him. Along with Mayweather, music producer DJ Khaled was also a part of this crypto fraud. ![](;
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