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Experts say that Bitcoin restriction is impossible in India



These analysts say that by the nature of digital currencies, it will be difficult to enforce a blanket ban. ![]( These experts are saying the alleged plans of the Indian government to ban bitcoin. This is all the other cryptocurrencies impossibility. This blanket bitcoin ban in India cannot be, According to Quartz India, there are following reports of potential restrictions on the use of cryptocurrencies. It is on weight cryptocurrencies on the impossibility of blanket ban on many market players and its experts. Experts call for better regulations rather than restriction Governments are cautious of fraudulent quotation fraud and due to their reluctance to allow the use of cryptocurrency; it is due to its funding. These arise in the event of continuous fraudulent ICOs, and its money laundering issues related to the use of virtual currencies all believe in this approach. These are also current issues in the traditional financial market.
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