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Eo-Finance launches Crypto Referral Program with the highest payment of 2019



![]( It is offering 30% transaction fee for each referral. It is expected to be the highest paid crypto program in 2019. Eo Referral Program has already been postponed to be an important addition to the ecosystem, and more details can eventually emerge. This is to start earning 30% of the companies' fees for each transaction made by such a person who has registered using his unique link. ## "Card" for all your accounts ![]( Each of its users will receive their own unique invitation links, which can be shared with friends or via social media. These facts support ecosystem credit and debit card transactions. With this, more than 40 cryptocurrencies mean that it will be easier for you to start earning from your referrals. In addition, it receives 5% of the fees for each new referral started by your own referral. It is increasing the earning potential and is adding more benefits to its already packed ecosystem. It is important to note that 30% of the figure is much higher than most competitors offer. These EO Referral Programs will also extend to EO. After the launch of the meaning, it is possible to earn from the same referral transaction in many products within the EO ecosystem. ## Exchange funds instantly to any currency ![]( This means that you can earn immediately from your referrals. This benefit can be changed in any available currency as desired. This payment will be done in the same currency, which was bought or exchanged. The profits gained through the program can be withdrawn immediately. The same referral will still be active to allow you to earn 30% of the fees on EO-Finance and EO-Trade. Many of these people will be pleased to hear that the program reaches people referred to during the crowd. This means that if you refer someone during the crowd, then the proposal will have to earn from the reward program. ## Easily transfer your funds ![]( This website can be provided for proprietary content banners for owners and traffic managers and it has videos in different sizes and languages. This EO is a European licensed company, who wants to join the referral program, by registering on EO. It’s Finance and following the link Website: Its iOS app: Android app: Firefox Extensions: - EO. Finance Chrome Extensions: - EO. Finance [source](
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