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Dapple Airdrops: The Ultimate ERC 20 Token Multi-sender



This scope is capable of transferring tokens to large batches of at least 170 addresses at one time. It is tokens multi-sender dapp built on the Dappled Airdrops Ethereum Blockchain. It was released at the end of July, in 2018; Duple Airdrops facilitated tokens transfer to more than 500,000 participants. It is compatible with all properly implemented ERC20 tokens. In addition to other token delivery applications, what does Dapple Airdrops set? Which it is probably the result of some new additions and unique features that are not offered by its competitors? ![image.png]( Apart from this, the application has been growing in popularity as one of the go-to solutions for Token Airdrops recently. Many of them also struggle with the basics, such as setting up a Meta Mask and sending it to the ETH to cover the cost of gas charges. Dapp is developers first understand that for most users, negotiating with smart contract applications is not the easiest of tasks. This is something that has been received very well by many users. After saying this, the team cares a lot about the experience of its users. That's why he has included a live chat support channel to help users and answer any questions. One such feature allows users to easily adjust the gas prices according to their liking. Apart from this, it is being presented with the current gas prices of the network. It has recently been updated on the web interface of Duple Airdrops and now includes some useful and convenient features. They are giving users an intuition of total gas fees, which they are likely to incur. In addition, this app also calculates the estimated cost of gas charges for each 100 token transfers, which were not previously broadcast on the platform. ![image.png]( Another feature, which is probably the most attractive for newcomers, is a free trial of 100 drops (where 1 drop = 1 token transfer), which is automatically allocated to all ERC 20 tokens. This feature makes it more affordable for airdrops with a large number of participants. However, it also benefits small projects. In addition, users are rewarded with bonus drop because they spend on application. Bonus is set to 20%, so for every 100 paid drops made, 20 bonuses are given. ## Does Dapple Airdrops also help to manage reward campaigns? Saying that it many users have requested this kind of service and will be offered in the near future. In the meantime, it is recommended to use services such as: Airdrop Alert, Airdrop King, and Coin Switch (many others). At present, the Duple Airdrop does not unfortunately offer this service. It only facilitates tokens delivery, but not for the collection of ethereum addresses and monitoring of social media campaigns. This allows users to test that the app works before spending their hard-earned ETH. ![image.png]( ## Is Dapple Safe to Use Airdrops? Developers of Duple Airdrop take security very seriously. It was carefully thought and cautiously during the implementation of DAP's smart contract code, consequently, in 8 months since the deployment of the application, no risk or serious errors were detected by any user of the dapp is. ![image.png]( Which it was written using the test-driven-development (TDD) method Therefore, smart contract code has been verified on Etherscan for everyone to see. Click here to see the verified code. In addition, developers have firm belief in getting the trust of the users as transparent as possible. Official website: - Contact the team directly via the following email address: [email protected] [Official website: source](
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