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Crypto jokes after bloodbath digital market - meme



## Fiat is bad for you. Ask a crypto expert to help quit Fiat. ![]( ## Drake - I'm Upset (Lil Bubble Crypto Parody) > In the meantime, what does it mean for our weekly meme piece; we are that we laugh at ourselves. It cries any day. However, there are many pieces in detail about what is happening in the market, how people are responding and what we can hope for. ![]( ## Bull's popping bubbles. ![]( This is another week which seemed like the last one in terms of prices till Wednesday night and Thursday morning, ![]( ## Well this is true. Not as much as they used to be. ![]( ## When Bitcoin decides that it is worried by you, it is constantly thinking that it is going to do something. ![]( when the market fell and our hopes and dreams also happened. And you thought that Kitty was good. ## It's a mistake, is not it? It should be a mistake. Software mess? Glitch in the Matrix? ![]( ## For clarification, they mean last December, which does not mean that we cannot even expect to run a bull this time too. ![]( ## What do you think of doing business these days? ![]( While waiting for those results, the retail giant was hacked by Twitter's Bitcoin scammer. ## And it looks like HODL with the current market. ![]( > It was a man who went to jail to steal the crypto and it came to know that his faketoshi had lost the BCH war. This week we still caught users to wait for their Fiat Extraction in BitFinEx, found that there is a centralized backdrop in yet another stable box and after that there is a hard fork race with BCH Hard Ink Ride. ## Jackie Chan would like to know that you should have done the same. ![]( ## The irony is clear and this message is sending. ![]( ## Forcing myself, in fact these did not really work for Ned Stark, did not he? ![]( [images-source](;
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