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Bitfinex: Despite the lack of visualization, news posts were hacked with Face-book accounts



![image.png]( There are an increasing number of comments that it is being posted in favor of Bitfinex. The number of ideas was quite low. It’s though the views on this page are not increasing. This title of the article is called BitFinEx Fell in Proof of Keys Test. On January 4, news posts related to BitFinEx were created and posted through Trust nodes. ![image.png]( It appears that he was posted only five hours ago. It remained in that way until a user Tricia Wands said that he had hacked in response to a comment. It is also occurring in the first instance as there is no sign of any thing being malicious. This post got more than 100 comments at this point. It would seem ordinary although this is a lot of people who do not seem to be related to crypto. It has been reported on the basis of this story of Trust nodes that many other accounts were likely to be hacked in this process. ![image.png]( It was in the middle of the night in Canada where wands live. Although its wands account posted to London on 10:00 a.m. the original article would have been applied, which is strange when considering the circumstances. It seems today that there is a lot of activity on the post. Simply use it to comment can point to another problem altogether. These social media have been used in many situations of hacking. [source](
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