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4 WWE Superstars who retired in 2018



![]( They retire from a profession that many stars have worked their whole life, this is not the easiest thing to do, but in the past year, many existing and former WWE stars have decided to leave their wrestling. # Summer Rae This summer opinion had whispered only the women's revolution through ranks in NFT, she was currently able to work with some of the WWE's top stars, but stunning when she was promoted to the main roster, that side Got out of. ![]( The company had signed this summer opinion with the WWE a year before opting to release her in October 2017, which was allowed to continue her modeling career, which she still works for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, was started while doing. This REE has since returned to the ring for an independent show since it was back in May, but these former stars have assured fans that they have now retired from the ring and instead they have flourished modeling and acting career, looking forward to proceed with. ![]( Many of her fans will remember that the first time WWE became the first woman WWE star to be part of the Summer Ray WWE studio production when she was cast in The Marine 4: Moving Target. #Paige This promoted him to the main roster in the spring of 2014, where he became the youngest ever old champion on Raw on his first night. This Paige was the first NFT woman champion and emerged in a new era in the women's division, when Paige returned her on the ring at the end of 2017. ![]( He did not miss a beat and he was able to help Mandy Rose and Sonya Devil find their feet on Raw. Prior to joining personal issues in 2016 and 2017, Paige was seen as one of the biggest stars of the women's division. Due to recurrent neck injury, the WWE had to be forced to retire from active competition. ## Paige gives an emotional retirement speech A few months later, Paige had to be forced to remember the women's first Royal Rumble match, and after a few months, she gave an emotional speech to the state. After this, Paige has created waves as Smack down Lives’ General Manager, whom he had recently relieved. # Gene Snitsky He made his history in Square Circle. Snitsky was a character who fits well with the WWE in the early 2000s and worked very well as a monster. This gene Snitsky is probably a name that has not been well-groomed for years, but he is still a superstar. ![]( Who requested his release in 2008? In the last decade, he has worked for TNA and has performed for many independent companies; this shocking man was unable to win the championship in four years. He was on the WWE's main roster, this Snitsky made it public that he had decided to leave but said. But he decided in June to end his career within the ring. He was earlier booked for some extent and he will first fulfill these commitments. # Enzo amore This Amor has said since then that he has no plans to return to the wrestling ring, it was a talented negotiator, but when his personal life became public knowledge in January, WWE had to end his contract decided to. ![]( Despite the fact that many publications have expressed interest in booking Big Cass and Enzo Amor as their pre-tag team persons. He was seen in the Survivor series last month, where he decided to try and cut a promo on the ringside while playing a match in the ring. ## Enzo amore is back at survivor series 2018 full segment This Amor has an emerging rap career to focus, but despite its release in January, Amor is not wrestling for any other company and there is no future plan to do so. He does not need to say that he had left the field and probably would be restricted from entering any future show.
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