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Time Assessment


![somoi.jpg]( img source # The journey from birth to time starts. The end is after the death "Do not waste time if you love life. Because life is created by the sum of time. "

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Time is a very valuable section of human life

'The river does not wait for time and rivers.' Therefore it is essential to use the right time in life. It is very important for young people to have timing. When the time is gone, it does not return. So time should be completed at the time of work. Today's work is never left to the next day. It is not possible to get success in life if you do not use it properly by value. The fundamental and the principal among the countless blessings of God is 'time'. It is the capital of life, the best resource. ---

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Our life is the center of time

The time we get for living life from an infinite stream of time is very little, but very valuable. "So sum of days The meaning of being a day is to lose a part of you" How you want to use your time, it is a matter of your own decision. If you want, you can use your time wisely. We waste a lot of time in the hall, If you can do the right thing at the right time, your activity will increase and you can move faster towards your goal. Before you spend some time, think about what time to finish the tasks. ---

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When constructing a road in Hong Kong

it was seen that, if the road was taken on the side of the hill, it would take five seconds and if the road was cut through the mountains, it would take less than five seconds. But the cost of the hill to cut the cost of the state will be 100 billion money. Hong Kong has set an example of price pricing by deciding to spend 100 billion rupees to save five seconds. 100 crore why not buy all the resources of the world in 1 second. The person or the person who does not value the time does not value him. ---

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Our life is tied in time

Every second is important for life. The sum of seconds, minutes, bells, days, months and a few years is our life. Time is life So the waste of time is the biggest waste. We waste time - traffic jams, watching TV, talking on mobile, computer games, chat etc. To achieve prosperity in life from personal life, you must resist the loss of time. ---

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Time is a weird cheating game with us. Every day

86400 seconds of life calculation is collected and taken again. The unused one second is not stored - lost in the dark hole of the great quarter. Time goes on forever, it is forever forever. So understand the time value ---

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The moon, the sun, the planets and the stars all spend time with the price

The sun rises in a certain time every day, it sits. Each day with sunlight, it is announced that if someone wants to do something, then do it today. If not today, when? I will not come back I'm big cruel. I'm not kind to anyone. But the one who uses me well will never be deprived. ---

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Now do something new in the moment

Now is the time to prove the power of self-confidence. Inertia, the time to leave the loser and go ahead. Now swear by the new time. It's time to implement your own resolve. The newborn transmigration time passes.
"Those who are asleep, who have lost their lives, now is the time to awaken to new life"
--- # The better you manage your time, the more you get productive and the motivation to move forward. Remember, waste time is a waste of opportunity for you to do more. Successful people ensure their maximum use of each day and every moment. We have to use the time of the world. We must evaluate every moment of life's life. Then our lives will be successful. Will be beautiful and worthwhile.
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