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Friendship, the full form of life


Friend, Friend, Friend ......................................
                                            Friend means winter, hot weather.

                                        A little laugh in the dark of the mood.

                          Friend means the melody of love throughout the heart.

                                        Rainy wet bored eyes golden blonde.


The word friendship is a symbol of loyalty and dependence.This bond is eternal, universal.I find a kindness in the words of a friend.This word makes us monotonous by printing all the age-time-space.The word is very close. Adds an inspiration to the mind.Every day, at least for some time, without any reasoning or action, laughing and laughing is the fuel of a competitive life. Friends are the lamps of our lives that shine on even in the dim. No matter how bad your mind is; A 5 minute chat with a friend will lighten all your problems, thoughts, frustrations, resentment. In 5 minutes you will get back to the old one.

Love for a friend is lasting, never ending.Words that are not easy to talk to the family Friends are the only way to share such things.The person who can capture the hidden news from a friend's heart, from searching for information, is a real friend.When do we love another human being? When it is seen that both the burdens or the mentality, likes and dislikes are mixed, then both of them become weak to each other.There comes a time when some kind of dependence on another person is made. That's what our human character is. "

Although friendship is of equal importance every day, friend's day is a little bit different to evaluate. The most important thing for a friend to do is just be friends. There is no wealth to give him.She knows I'm happy with her love. Love, dependence, faith are the greatest gifts of a friend. Yet who does not want to keep the pattern of love?
Everyone wants to keep the memories of friendship with love.

                                               Want to get someone close to your life?
                                               Then, not with love, but with friendship.
                                                   Because love will one day be lost
                                                        But friendship never loses

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