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People's lifestyle changed a lot

The new ideas that have become popular on the success and success of life are contrary to many old ideas. In the western world, special emphasis is now on identifying yourself for success in life. It is not as if we have fixed our goals and goals in line with our parents and society's needs. Our children are taught in school, you know yourself, what you want to do, decide what you want to achieve. What you want to do with what you can do is not important. I have also learned deeply about what my children learn at school. Indeed, our personality and lifestyle are divided. We live in dual life. One is the one who wants to live by himself and another that actually lives. I myself did not live most of my life in my life. Like many people, I had a misconception that I can not run as much as I want, others have to adapt, that is the rule of the society.

Own opinion

Even though I will be late, I will have to take control of my life and authority. I must cherish my feelings and emotions like myself. I like myself, others like others How will I take care of my mother, it will be my decision. I always feared to establish my emancipation. I thought I would have to live as a social organism to please others. Always have to follow the norms of society. I used to think that if I am like me, no one will want me. I have to adapt to others for acceptance. Not just me, many do not want to live the way they live. This is an unwanted lifestyle that loses more than one's life. You have to ask yourself what do you want? How do you want to live? How are you happy? Where do you want to go? How do you want to go? --- # Life will be according to its own preferences and values. But its values ​​must be associated with human values. People express their excitement in different ways. Someone laughing loudly, someone dancing People express their sorrow in different ways. No one is crying loud, someone becomes silent. The way that spontaneous emotions come, it will be there. It is unnecessary fear that others will be unhappy about the nature of expressing my emotions. Actually but inverted. People are fond of seeing different characters in the movie. If everyone is different then it looks different. Emotion, feeling, happiness, sorrow, love is the totality of man. People can not be machine-operated. Can not be a senseless robot for socializing. To live by imitating the device, human life becomes burdensome. It does not have any special features. # WELL RUN
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