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Why we are more imaginative in our dreams ,....



Hello friends .. Before writing this I post I was literally thinking that what should I write.. Then a question struck my mind that why is it so that when we are not engaged in our work our mind makes continuous imaginations.. Let us take an example to better understand this:-- ![brain-computer_interface_binary_mind_telepathic_computing_thinkstock_845092266-100740659-large.jpg]( While we sleep there is total inactivity but the reality is that when we sleep our brain becomes the most active organ. It is really impossible to imagine the thing that we see in our dreams. This means that the brain has a lot more capabilities then we think. It's just the fact that we don't have that much command over it.. Let me give you one another example:- Imagine about a post that wants to write and be calculative in your minds and try to collect the data on your own but in your mind only. I know that would have been very easy If we were just told to think about a particular topic. But the problem arises only when we have to write a post. It happens to most of the people that the content wants to write they always fail to write. The main cause for that is the lack of focus. When we sleep our brain is very much focused and because of that only it creates such great imaginations. If you want to be imainative then first you need to build focus.
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