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![image.png]( "Money is good but it is temporary. The bond of friendship is strong but it is fragile, when money sets in, it can bring about the fall of a great relationship, and when greeds accompany it, something more dangerous associates itself with it." once upon a time there lived two best friends, kelvin and kingley. They were childhood friends. They grew up together and were practically thought to be siamese twins even though they had a different parent, they were very close to each other and loved each other like brothers. from childhood days to their youth days, they were always seen in the company of each other. they wore the same kind of clothes and they did things together. one day, they were clearing a piece of land Kingsley was pressed by nature, so he went to the other side of the bush to heed the call of nature. Few minutes later, two young men entered the farm, they sat under a big tree close by, but hidden from view and were talking about the secret of getting rich.
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