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victorevan [Source]( When faced by a challenge or obstacle in life, whether in a relationship, career, work or any aspect, most times, one needs to take a break and think for a while on how to tackle the problem, it could require an instant solution or might take a long time to arrive at a solution. However, when a solution is not coming forth as expected, one could swing into panicking and then to worrying, but can worrying bring about the solution to a problem?. Often times, I find myself worrying so bad about a situation, especially when I feel it's out of my control, or really complicated and I don't know what to do, before long, I begin to lose weight, lose appetite, then depression starts to creep in, it basically affects everything about me and even my relationship. After a while, before I even realize, a solution to what I have been worrying and fretting about, would just pop up and shortly everything becomes normal again, but the truth is, all the times and energy I spent worrying and hurting myself, becomes wasted. It took me a lot of wasted time and energy to realize that, worry never solve a problem, instead it drains you, physically and mentally, and could probably leave a lasting scar in you. When you find yourself in a situation that seem out of your control, and you begin to worry, these few tips helped me, and could be useful to you too. 1. Try never to stay alone, if possible stay around fun gathering, or events, because you will give room to so many negative thoughts, if you always isolate yourself in such situation. 2. If you love music, then listen to musics that will lift your spirit, not ones that will make you even more sad. 3. Tell yourself, "Everything will be alright". No matter how anyone encourages you, self-encouragement will always take you a notch higher. 4. Possibly, go online, try to watch funny videos, laughing will help you lose some steam, and lift your mood. 5. Partake in any cool activity that would distract your mind from worry, watch a movie, play video games or do any fun activity you love. 6. Avoid what if? Questions. Do not waste your time imagining and thinking of scenarios or situations that could be, when in reality it's unlikely to happen, meanwhile lots of these scenarios you create in your head could never happen so why waste your time?. 7. Learn to accept uncertainties. Life itself is full of uncertainties, and a lot of the time, things do not go the way we plan, and learning to accept these aspect of life will help you avoid being hurt most of the times when disappointment arises. Cheers
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