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Excellent nature photos with petunia flowers


Really I love flowers from my heart .For this reason most of the post I will do on different types and different colors of Flowers .So today I will share unknown flowers pictures from me. May be some people know this flower .but I do not know this flower .Infact I have no more idea about this flower .The day before I went with my brother Kolkata . There I captured lovely flowers pictures .. I am very happy from my mind .I want to say everyone that Flowers are very diversity and peaceful for life .because Flowers refresh our mind. Some macro shots ... ![IMG_20190107_121703.jpg]( ![IMG_20190107_121656.jpg]( ![IMG_20190111_145833.jpg]( ![IMG_20190107_141949.jpg]( ![IMG_20190107_141628.jpg]( Post link.. Location : Kolkata Camera :Mi a1 Snap taken: 07-01-2019 If you like my post, please like, comments and resereyed me. Thanks all my community friends
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