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Join the Saxion Blockchain week (Feb 1-5, 2021)


Did you already know that Saxion University will hold its yearly Blockchain Week on February 1 to 5, 2021?

The Saxion Blockchain Week is an event organized by the Saxion Blockchain Research Group.

There will be various meetings, events, and masterclasses with experts in their fields, such as

- Blockchain Legal 2.0 on Monday

- Blockchain & Finance on Tuesday

- Blockchain & Real Estate and Blockchain & Toptalent Day on Wednesday

- Blockchain & Health on the Thursday

- and will be followed by the closing of the Symposium on Friday.

During this week, we’re going to cover today's hottest technology: blockchain, with all the buzz surrounding decentralized finance and Bitcoin's all-time new highs. We will communicate in English and this event is free of charge!

Want to know more about blockchain? Join us, take part in the Saxion Blockchain Week!

If you’d like to see the event itinerary to match your schedule, you can always find it here:

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