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WHO delay child vaccination and share jabs of covax


How fast is vaccination progressing in the world?

Last week, US President Joe Biden unveiled plans to introduce coronavirus vaccines for children aged 12 to 15 as soon as possible. He also said he hopes 70% of American adults will receive at least one dose of Covid-19 by July 4, when American families are expected to reunite on Independence Day. Canada, meanwhile, has approved the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for use in children aged 12-15 years. The province of Alberta, where the virus rate is highest in the country, has already started offering vaccines to citizens over the age of 12.

So far, the highest number of vaccine doses has been given by the USA and China, followed by India. But while almost all of Europe and America are launching vaccination campaigns, several countries in Africa have not yet begun. The Covax program was developed to first vaccinate 20% of the population of the 92 poorest enrolled countries, starting with health professionals. The program is organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance of Vaccines and the Coalition for Outbreak Preparedness, in collaboration with UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, which is its main implementing partner.

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