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What’s Donald Trump up to these days?


What do US presidents do after they leave the White House? Barack Obama kitesurfed with Richard Branson. Jimmy Carter returned to his peanut farm and found he owed $ 1 million in debt. George W. Bush took up painting.
Trump loves to surprise Mar-a-Lago members
Taking photos with fans is something all past presidents do. But there is still something unique about the way Trump lives in his own compound, wakes up in the morning, and walks around his new home taking photos with his paying members.
Republican lawmakers flock to Mar-a-Lago to pay tribute to him
Minority Parliamentary Leader Kevin McCarthy was the first high-ranking Republican to report the party was not abandoning Trump after the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill, when he appeared in a photo with Trump in Mar -a-Lago three weeks later.
This apparently opened the doors for Republicans to make the pilgrimage to Palm Beach and cook with Trump. Many of them uploaded their photos with him to Instagram or can be spotted on the photos uploaded to the app.Sylvester Stallone is visiting - and so is Roger Stone
Unless you count the Trump family, Sylvester Stallone is the only celebrity I could find in the photos taken at Mar-a-Lago.
Trump now shows his office in Mar-a-Lago, where he pretends to boycott Coca-Cola
You may have already seen the photo of Trump posing with Stephen Miller in his Mar-a-Lago office - she is by no means exclusive to Instagram.


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