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Twitter requires users to be kind and thoughtful before replying


Twitter will now prompt users to review and modify "potentially harmful or offensive" responses.
The social media platform, which often faces criticism about user abuse, tested the feature last year.
Twitter says tests show reminders reduce offensive responses.
On Wednesday, the company said it would roll out reminders for English Twitter accounts on Apple and Android.

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In a blog post, Twitter said it discovered that the reminder caused 34% of people to review their original response or decide not to submit their response.
On average, users wrote 11% fewer offensive responses after being prompted for the first time, Twitter said.

They are also less likely to receive offensive and harmful responses.

However, it seems like you can still curse at your friends.
Twitter says the reminder is designed to consider the nature of the relationship between the tweeting account and the replying account.
"If two accounts follow and reply to each other regularly, then they are more likely to better understand their preferred tone of communication," the blog post said.

Platforms that target user behavior

Tech platforms have struggled in recent years to prevent offensive, abusive, and harassing content on their platforms.
Twitter's most recent statistics, from January to June of last year, show that the platform removed offensive content that could be posted by 1.9 million accounts and suspended 925,700 accounts for violating regulations Twitter's rules.
The controversy over content censorship has recently become more intense, as the social media giants make decisions against state officials, especially former US President Donald Trump.
Mr. Trump has been banned on several platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, following the riots on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6.
Facebook's watchdog upheld its decision on Wednesday but criticized the platform for making the indefinite suspension and giving it six months to determine a corresponding response.
While many believe platforms should be more active in controlling online abuse and misinformation, many see the Trump ban as an act of political censorship.

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