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The names of Martin Lewis and Sir Richard Branson most used by crooks,


Mr Lewis, the founder of the Money Saving Expert website, said the whole issue made him sick.

What is a fake check scam?

Criminals are spreading fake news by claiming that celebrities support new investment plans. Articles are disseminated through mass email campaigns, text messages or social media ads.

"Stomach ache"

Millions of people lack the financial health of the mental health community and we must step up our fight to end these scams. The news comes from the annual Active Cyber ​​Defense report, which summarizes the steps the NCSC is taking to prevent fraud, fraud and cyber attacks.

Martin Lewis Takes Facebook

Pledge in Fake Ads The NCSC said it began taking action against websites in April 2020 and removed 286,322 separate campaigns at 731,080 URLs by the end of the calendar year. The cyber agency says the relatively new scams are a global problem.

"Really convincing"

NCSC coach Ian Levy said Mr Lewis and Mr Branson represented "a reasonable fraction" of all the famous endorsement scams they discovered. Mr Lewis is urging the government to reverse its decision not to include fraud in future online security law, which is expected to feature in the Queen's Speech this week. In 2019, Lewis agreed to take legal action against Facebook for allowing the use of his name and photo in bogus ads on the platform. The agency has taken action against nearly 1.5 million web addresses, from bogus stores acting as government services to phishing sites.

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