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Sad day for Bolder County


10 gunshots killed in Colorado supermarket including 2 US officials, 2th big deal shootings in a week.
10 people were killed Monday including a police officer as a gunman opened fire at a mall in Baldercolora, 2th shooting in the United States in a week.
′′ These are the people who go shopping everyday Michael Dougretty County attorney Bolder said in a press conference at night. He described the event that day ′′ tragedy and nightmares ′′

A 11-year-old police officer who died was known as Eric Talely, 51-year old foot on the Bolder Force. Tally is responding to King Sofer's grocery market when he was shot. His police officer Maris Herroll seemed to shed tears when she spoke to the media Monday night and confirmed the death penalty.

′′ I have to tell you [of] this officer's epic act as police enter the first scene when he responded to the temporary post ′′ Hyroll explains the Bolder Police Department received a call about early morning shooting. ′′ Tali police officer responded to the incident, he was the first person to come and he was shot dead ′′ ′′ n
′′ My heart goes out to the victims of this incident and I thank the police for responding ′′ she said. ′′ And I'm really sorry for the loss of Tally police officer ′′ Police commander Kurry Yama Aguji said a suspect was arrested
′′ There are no public threats that are happening Yama Guchi said We are really interested in the arrest warrant. That person was injured during an accident and is being cured. ′′ ′′ n

There is no reason for this attack to be revealed. Mr. Matthew Thy. Kiris, USA's first assistant lawyer of Colorado state, says federal office investigating other federal agents will help in this matter. He promised that the ′′ full weight of federal law enforcement ′′ will be brought to investigate.

6 days of shooting occurred after 8 people, 6 women among Asian women were shot to death in Spain 3 places in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Robert and El Riverro's son who went to Fairview High School near King Soopers, feeling the shooting is a base and hoping the feeling changes.

′′ I hope this tragedy... will help change gun laws especially and we can all work together to make the world peaceful for our children... then Robert added that... this is a sad day for Bolder. ′′ ′′ n

The White House said President Joe Biden was briefly interviewed about Monday's attack and will be kept updated on evolution. The federal office investigating in Denver wrote the case is helping to investigate the Bolder Police request.

Strategic Armed Officers and Guns responded this Monday afternoon to an active shooter report at King Soopers south of Bolder, approximately 25 miles away from the Denver.

At one point the authorities were heard by the speaker (speaker) saying the building around ′′ you have to put down arms ′′ and come out with no arms.

A bloody sleeveless sleeveless man was travelled from the store by 2 police, media broadcasted. A real emergency car was taken the man out of the incident. They don't know the man is a suspect or what. But Yama Guchi said no one but him and no injuries only died.


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