Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

If Serey is going to next 100x


Everybody has their own plan in life, right? Like me, I have many plans such as:

1. Remove my bank debts(current concerning) 

2. Expand my business shop.

3. Invest in any biz or currency.

4. To have own farm.

5. To have own house. 

6. To have my own car. 

7. Do something for my parents to be happy.

8. Make some donation (building older care center) 

But now I have nothing besides SRY and I have no capability to make Serey go up soon but I trust Serey's founder because They are talented and trying their best to make Serey grow. 

I expect Serey will get more demand soon and then If it is 0.50 or 1$, I will sell some SRY to remove my bank debt first and then keep another for long life until Serey can use it as International payment. I wish that:-) 




649.790 SRY$0.00