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Comments are growing as the WhatsApp update deadline approaches


Users who have not yet accepted the new terms for the WhatsApp messaging platform will begin receiving "permanent" reminders after the May 15 deadline.
The changes mainly concern the way companies interact with customers.
Since its January announcement, there have been concerns about the possibility of further data sharing with the parent company WhatsApp Facebook, but this will not change.
The company has already hired most of the two billion users of the application.
Those who haven't lost their functionality, from not being able to view chat lists to not receiving video calls and messages, but no accounts will be deleted.

WhatsApp extends the «confusing» date of the last update

Following the January announcement, application users threatened to boycott, and competing platforms such as Telegram and Signal were recording downloads.
However, WhatsApp said it had fallen victim to "misinformation".
WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted, so they can only be read on the sender's and recipient's devices.
All payments and financial transactions made through WhatsApp are IP addresses that indicate the location of users' Internet connection.
However, this is not the case in Europe and the United Kingdom, where there are different data protection laws.


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