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A school should include teaching Value


This complements contextual learning and provides students with more inclusive education, including emotional development. Therefore, I firmly believe that the values ​​instilled in students at school should be taught with the knowledge in the school. Without a proper "moral compass" or guide to manners, knowledge is meaningless in decision-making initially.
Since students around the world spend most of their day at school, schools also have a responsibility to teach students their values. The classroom will include students from different backgrounds and beliefs and the burden is on schools to ensure that their students can cope with these differences in the appropriate way. Many schools organize their own moral education lessons to teach students values ​​and lead them to develop good moral reasoning. One example is a mandatory «Values ​​in Action» program implemented during school hours in all schools in Singapore.

This often requires students to participate in projects to help target groups in society. In the long run, the knowledge that is not valuable will make no sense to the student. Since the primary responsibility of schools is to prepare students for work readiness, they should also prepare students for situations that will test their resilience and future character. This shows that governments and world leaders recognize the important role schools play in raising a child.
This further emphasizes the fact that schools are not only places of acquiring knowledge, but also a place of holistic development. Some students view their teachers as "second parents" and turn to them for advice on any difficulties they encounter outside of school. In this sense, teachers are responsible for guiding their students on the right track and making the best possible decisions for the future. However, some comments point out that the current education system is too crowded with so many activities and programs and schools should not be held solely responsible for imparting prices. treatment for children.
Given that they have too many students in a classroom they can handle, it would be unreasonable or practical to expect a teacher to be accountable to many students at the same time. Ultimately, schools should teach values ​​and knowledge that complement what children learn at home and prepare them for future challenges. Teaching students how to cope with these challenges will go a long way in preparing them for the future and helping them reach their full potential.

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