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[CLIP] Rep. Matt Rosendale Responds to Criticism of His Vote on Kevin McCarthy | ATL:NOW

In a historic vote this week, the House of Representatives removed Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as House Speaker. Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) was one of 8 Republicans who voted Rep. McCarthy out of office. “It was a culmination of the destruction and the loss of the trust and confidence of Speaker McCarthy,” says Rep. Rosendale. “It is the first time in history it has happened, and I will tell you that no one takes any pleasure in this taking place. I'm more than glad to compromise on policy. I won't compromise my principles, but I will compromise on policy. But what we cannot have is a Republican speaker with a majority, thin as it is … [who will] allow the Democrat minority to dictate the policies leaving the House. And that's what we witnessed.” Despite high tensions and hot tempers, Rep. Rosendale is confident that the House appropriations bills will be completed before the deadline, and that a new speaker’s election will be held next week. “We’ve also been working so hard to restore this legislative process, where we can bring those 12 appropriation bills forward and discuss them, debate them, amend them on the floor, and restore sanity, if you will, to this institution,” says Rep. Rosendale. “I think that we will close the 118th Congress out with a success.”

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