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[CLIP] Open Border Lawlessness: Kay Rubacek on Secret Gotaways | ATL:NOW

“I saw cartel members just feet away from us, bringing in more than 200 people in the space of, say, four hours—one night, in one bend in the Rio Grande River, which is a big part of our open border. But just behind me, a few feet on the other side, are border authorities. And they can do nothing to deter this human smuggling happening right in front of our eyes.” Kay Rubacek is the producer and editor of the new Epoch TV documentary “Gotaways: The Hidden Border Crisis,” which documents the phenomenon of over 1.7 million illegal immigrants who have entered the United States under the Biden administration without being processed at the southern border. “A lot of the gotaways actually have criminal records. And so, if they were to come through the front door, they would almost always be sent back. So, they are intentionally evading Border Patrol. And so they're the ones that we focused on in our movie,” says Ms. Rubacek.

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