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File Three by The Turtle Project

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LYRICS It ended up as to much for us to take As for the strong surviving, that was never the case They just left us to suffer for their mistakes But if you had enough money you could buy a place And join them on their journey to that brave new world With promises of all of this becoming a blur As they boldly celebrate another planet infested And they sing in triumph as the flag is erected All we have left now is a desperate prayer That somebody has mercy on us up there 'Cause what we've got left down here is beyond repair It's just a matter of time before we reap the despair that We've sowed upon this planet for centuries Now it's time for this big dog to scratch her fleas We've known it many years now that we pushed her to far But enough is enough, this bitch is gonna do way more than bark
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# More about The Turtle Project: `The Turtle Project` started out as exactly that, a project, a songwriting project that was born from years of being a musician in many bands, doing countless gigs, naturally gathering experience and inspiration until, one day, I stumbled upon the fact that I could actually put those experiences and many others into words. The composing aspect grew from that into what it is today ... My way of life . ā€‹ *This post was generated for free from* [![](](
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