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The Trump Administration’s Final China Push

The Trump administration in its waning hours took more aggressive measures against Beijing. Has it locked new President Biden into a needlessly hostile policy?

Much has been made in recent weeks of the United States’ increasingly combative stance toward China. Beijing bristled as former Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and others introduced sanctions, removed official restrictions on exchanges with Taiwan, made public a strategic framework for the Indo-Pacific, and on the Trump administration’s final full day in office released statements from Pompeo that the Chinese government is engaged in «genocide».

Official Motives

Are these moves tied to Pompeo’s political ambitions? The least we can say is that Pompeo is defending his record and attempting to burnish his bona fides.

The Missing Link

There is general agreement that under the Biden administration U.S. policies toward China will change in tone, but are unlikely to change in substance.

This article was written by Ben Lowsen

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