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Strong task for Liverpool fc as they play against Tottenham Hotspur



If you have been following up with what is happening in the English premier league you will discover that the Liverpool fc team have been on amazing result. There is something I wanted to let us know, we all should knows that when it comes to the English premier league competition, starting on a good form is a very good and amazing thing. Remember that if you want the best for yourself i.e your team,

there is every tendency that you should knows that starting in a very nice form is a very good thing. Remember that there is one popular saying our there that states that early to bed is definitely early to rise. What this implies in the soccer ecosystem is that if you starts to get early positive result i.e you started earlier in a season by winning matches, you will definitely see that such thing will build momentum and confidence in your team as there is every tendency that your team will be able to build on this. Starting well is one thing that I don't play with, I have seen and tested of how good it is, when I sees that my team is doing amazingly well especially when the season of that competition is still in it earlier stage and season, I am always happy. We all knows that there is no person out there that won't be happy seeing his/her team doing or starting well. Just like what I am saying, that builds momentum and confidence into such team. I am once again happy that we are currently seeing the Liverpool fc team doing what I wanted, they are just too amazing right at this moment. Just like what I hinted above, this is what we just wanted.

As for the Liverpool fc and the Jurgen Klopp team, I am really happy over what I am seeing so far, they are so amazing I must admit. I just don't want to for any reason sees them struggling, I will be happy seeing that all our struggling period has ended last season. We all knows how we struggled alot during last season as we failed to performed properly and at same time we fall out of the top four (4) position, this kept us out of the Uefa champions league competition spot. As for your information, it is the Newcastle United side that ended up taking our slot. They are the one that qualified for the UEFA champions league competition, they are now our replacement. Up till date, this has stand as one painful thing that really touches me. I never expected the Newcastle United team to be the one replacing us in the UEFA champions league competition, but nonetheless we have to wake up from our sleep and slumber and face reality, we have to make sure that we take over our slot back. As per the English premier league trophy competition, the Newcastle United side are in 8th position haven played 6 matches, win 3, draw 0 and lost 3. The Liverpool fc team on the other hand have played 6, won 5 and draw just 1. They are on second position when you are referring to the English premier league trophy competition.

The Liverpool fc team will be playing against the Tottenham Hotspur team. As for your information, what makes this a big match is that both side are in a good form and the match will be a little bit difficult for the Liverpool fc team simply because it will be played in the home soil of the Tottenham Hotspur team and also right at this moment the Tottenham Hotspur side have good players that are informed. The Liverpool fc team are in good form so this will be a great match to watch. As for your information, the Tottenham Hotspur team are on fourth (4th) position haven played 6 matches, win 4 and lost two. The Liverpool fc team should knows that if the Tottenham Hotspur team can secure a draw against the Arsenal fc team, they should knows that the Tottenham Hotspur team are not here to play at all.


It will be amazing to see the Liverpool fc team winning this match, I will be one of the most happiest person on earth. Just like what I hinted above, if such thing happened it will mean a lot to the Liverpool fc team. It will help to build confidence and positive momentum in the Liverpool fc team. As per whatsoever thing that happened in the encounter I will surely get us informed.

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