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What will be Mohammed Salah and Liverpool fc fate come January transfer window



I have been asking this question for a very long period of time now but I must admit that I have not gotten the required answer that I needed from my colleague and also the soccer team. We all knows what happened recently in the soccer ecosystem when we saw how Al-Ittihad, a team in the Saudi Arabia professional league competition place a bid for Mohammed Salah, they tried countless times and the deal was rejected while from the look of things we can see that Mohammed Salah is showing a sign that he wanted to departed Liverpool fc team for the team that I mentioned above, Al-Ittihad. Permit me to draw out attention back to what we have been discussing on. We all knows that when any team from the Saudi Arabia professional league competition comes knocking, it is alway difficult to reject such deal. Just take a look at what is happening you will see that it wasn't an easy one for the Liverpool fc team and Mohammed Salah to be precise. They have to make sure that they sit down and reason about this before they finally agreed on what is needed between both parties. The reason why the Liverpool fc team rejected the deal is simply because they knows how instrumental Mohammed Salah is. Aside being instrumental, the Liverpool fc team didn't expect that they will be loosing Jordan Henderson and again Fabinho, these two players are very instrumental to the Liverpool fc team. They left the Liverpool fc team surprisingly. When I heard that those players departed then Liverpool fc team I was shocked. The way they departed the team create a shock on the Liverpool fc team. The team Liverpool fc knows that if they gives the go ahead for Mohammed Salah to depart it will affect the Liverpool fc team in a negative way. The players that we have lost is just too much.

Just imagine a team loosing Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, Naiby Keita, Roberto Firmino and Chamberlain, this is something else I must admit. What makes it worse is that they are all instrumental players when it comes and deals with the soccer ecosystem. We all can see that it was difficult getting someone to replace the void which is being filled by those players. These is why the Liverpool fc team and Jurgen Klopp don't want to see any player departing the team again. Now that we have that in place, there is something that we should note. We all should knows that some months from now we will see Mohammed Salah departing Liverpool fc for his country Egypt, this is simply because we will be having international break so soon. The international break is set aside for players to over their country calls as they might be playing to qualify for any competition out there. Since the Africa Nations cup competition will be kick starting soon, we all should knows that we will be seeing a lot of challenging moment as star player like Mohammed will be featuring for his team, Liverpool fc.

While he will be featuring for his team, we will see the English premier league January transfer window being open. This is simply where it got more interested. With this being the other of the day we all should knows that from the look of things, we might see's Mohammed Salah departing the Liverpool fc team for the Saudi Arabia professional league, Al-Ittihad. If the deal is rejected again, there is every tendency that he will be staying in the Liverpool fc ecosystem till the end of the English premier league competition. Why this is on, my advice always is for those Mohammed Salah fans should remove their mind from saying that Mohammed Salah will never depart, we should remove our mind so that we won't be disappointed at the tail end. I will love to see Mohammed Salah staying but if he wants a move we should let him depart. There is no need keeping a player that is not happy.


One thing that I am happy about is seeing that the Liverpool fc team have good attackers upfront, this shows that if any one departs others will come on board and fill that slot easily with making any noise.


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I will end the post here, have a nice day.

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