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Carabao cup 4th round; Knowing the fate of your team as draw rolls out



They are three (3) things that I love about the Carabao cup, one is knowing fully well that fixtures are not delayed for any reason. Even through there is any issues, the fact still stands that draws will not be delayed for any reason. If you have been following up with what is happening in the Carabao cup ecosystem you would have known that fixtures is not delayed for any reason out there. The moment one round is over, it won't take less than some hours before draws will be rolled out. The other side of the competition that I so much love is that once you lost, that is the end of the road for you. This singlehandedly makes the competition more interesting, amazing, treasurable and at same time very difficult. The reason why I said it is very difficult is that once you lost, you should knows that for that year, that is the end of the road for you. The reason why I said that it is treasurable is that people will love to treat the Carabao cup competition so special knowing fully well that it is a very difficult competition and any mistake against your opponent and you lost, you should knows that you are out of the competition. All you have to do is to wait for next season and retry again. The third reason why I have grown to love the Carabao cup competition is simply holding to the very fact that the competition is out there to give chances to the younger players to thrive and shine. We all knows that it is sub competitions like this that aim to give the younger players or it is also seen as a competition that is set aside for players that fail to get regular start in those big competitions the time and opportunity to thrive, shine and do exploit.

Well, we all saw how the third (3) round of the competition went and right at this moment we are now in the fourth (4th) round and before you knows it, we will be saying goodbye to the competition, this is to show to you how fast is the competition. Previous years have seen the Manchester city team dominating this competition and I must admit that I am really not happy about that. During the last encounter Manchester city was drawn against the Newcastle United team while my team Liverpool fc was drawn with Leicester city and Chelsea fc was drawn to play against Brighton fc while Manchester United played against Crystal Palace and Arsenal fc team played against Brentford United. Well, as we have it, those team that won their matches progressed to the next phase of the competition which is the fourth (4th) round of the competition. If you have been reading my post you will see where I talked about the Newcastle United win over the Manchester city team and I said on that post that this lost is one that needs to be celebrated. This is holding to the very fact that I am so tired of seeing just one team (Manchester city) dominating almost every competition when it comes to the England. We need to see changes and with the Newcastle United win over them, I believe the change we crave and wanted is already at hand. This is so nice, fantastic and superb I must admit. We owe the Newcastle United team a lot. They have done amazingly well by throwing the giant out of the competition. 


As for the fourth round draws, below are what we should be expecting. 


Mansfield Town vs Port Vale


Manchester United vs Newcastle United

West Ham United vs Arsenal


Exeter City vs Middlesbrough



Chelsea vs Blackburn Rovers


Ipswich Town vs Fulham


Bournemouth vs Liverpool


Everton vs Burnley


We all knows that it was the Manchester United team that defeated Newcastle United in the final of the Carabao cup last year, both of them will be playing against each other. This is going to be an interesting match as one out of the two team will be going out of the competition. As for your information all the matches which I mentioned above will be played during the month of October, 2023.

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I will end the post here, have a nice day.


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