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Will Africa cup of Nations affect the Liverpool fc team?



This is simply the time to hit the nail on the head, we have to be truthful to ourselves knowing fully well that we have something amazing upcoming. One thing that we all should note is that if you look at the Liverpool fc team you will discover that they are in a very fine form. One popular thing about the Liverpool fc team that I am so impressed about is that when it comes to the soccer ecosystem, you should knows that the Liverpool fc team have one of the best forward out there. Just take a look at Darwin Nunez, Diego Jota, Mohammed Salah, Gakpo and Luiz Diaz. These upfront are so powerful that everybody or different teams out there have been complaining about defending against them. If one of those attackers are not in good scoring form you will discover that the other attacker will be in a good scoring form. This shows that the Liverpool fc team are just too unique. During my last post. I talked about how two years back Diego Jota was the player that did the magic for us, he carried the Liverpool fc team singlehandedly and with that, while we were thinking that we will miss Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah and host of other notable players, we discovered that we never missed them. It was so surprising I must admit. I know how my brother that is a Liverpool fc fan keeps chatting me daily all on how we will cope during such period I.e their absence towards the Africa cup of Nations. I remembered that I told him that he should trust Jurgen Klopp, my believe in him is 90%, I knows that he can do the unexpected always when it comes to this Liverpool fc team/squad. Well, still on the messages that I am conveying, do you knows that at the tail end, with such good performance we were able to win the English premier league and tbe Carling cup during that season, this happened about two (2) years ago.

Since we were able to do it back then, we should be happy that this Liverpool fc won't be loosing key players to the Africa Nations cup that much if being compared to what we have now. Another thing that I will say is that the Liverpool fc team have more promising players when being compared to what happened four (4) years ago. Mohammed Salah should be the only player departing, we should not panic for any reason if I must say. We still have Diego Jota, Darwin Nunez, Gakpo, Luiz Diaz all upfront, we should not panic for any reason I must admit.


At this point in time, Liverpool fc fans should develop the habit to progress without Mohammed Salah, this is holding to the very fact that he might depart the Liverpool fc team soon for the Saudi Arabia professional league competition. For sure he has done a lot for us and it won't be easy to forget about a leader like that, nonetheless, we should start seeing the Liverpool fc team without Mohammed Salah, this is just the truth I must admit. One thing that we will be seeing is that the drama will resurface again as Mohammed Salah might depart the Liverpool fc team from the January transfer window. During the January transfer window, we will be seeing Mohammed Salah departing the Liverpool fc team for the Africa cup of Nations, while he is on official duties, we all knows that the January transfer window will kick start. The Africa Nations cup will run for a period of three months, during this period the Saudi Arabia professional league side Al Hilal might re opened their list and re trigger their bid for Mohammed Salah. There is every possible that he might leave. This is the core reason why I said that the Liverpool fc team should be ready for what lies ahead. Just brace yourselves, I will ensure I got all of us carried along as per how things will be going with Mohammed Salah and the Liverpool fc team. The truth still stands that if Mohammed Salah departs the Liverpool fc team we will for sure misses him, it is not that easy missing or loosing a rare gem player like this. Mohammed Salah is once again a rare gem player, he has contributed massively to the Liverpool fc team. The truth still stands that we won't be signing a replacement for him because we have a lot of attackers on ground to fill his void. It will give them opportunities to be a regular starter also.

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