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Brighton fc vs Liverpool fc; which team will walk away with the three (3) point



I know that some days back we got Union Saint defeated but that happened in the Europa league competition. Despite that win, I am still not impressed by what happened in the English premier league competition some days back. Hitting the nail on the head I will say that I am not happy by what happened between the Tottenham Hotspur team and the Liverpool fc team. We all knows that assuming not for the way that the match was rigged, we all can attest to it that Liverpool fc team could have won the match or at the very end draws it. For some days now I have sat down and memorize on some certain thing especially when it comes to the English premier league competition. Why on earth are those referees against my team, Liverpool fc. I have noticed something. Do you knows that if the body in charge of the English premier league competition secretly wished that your team won't wins that year competition you should knows that it will be difficult for such team to do so. They have team that every season, they wanted to see lift the English premier league trophy. Just like what I stated above, the moment your team is not part of it you should knows that winning the trophy in that season will be difficult. All these are things that I have observed when it comes to the English premier league soccer competition. If you watch closely you will see that the Liverpool fc team are on fire this season, they started very well but that is not a guarantee that they will end the season well. Nonetheless, we all knows that there is joy when your team started the season well. They knows that if they leave the Liverpool fc team with this pace, we will be able to conquer and do the unexpected.

As for your information regarding my team, Liverpool fc, we all should knows that we have a strong match ahead of us. This is going to go into the book because I can sense it that the Brighton fc side is one side that won't give any team chance to override them. One thing you should note here is that the match will be played at the home soil of the Brighton fc team. What this implies is that the Brighton fc side will be having the home advantage. Irrespective of what will happened, my main interest is that the errors that cost us the match from the officiating referees in the Tottenham Hotspur match that happened last week should not repeat itself. I will love to see things going on smoothly. I am very certain that if the Liverpool fc team are able to smashed it pass the Brighton fc side definitely we can destroy any team. It will also give us more momentum to destroy any team that will come our way. 

As for your information, the match will be played on Sunday and it is going to be an early kick off match. They are numerous players that are good in the Brighton fc side but the one that I am afraid of is K. Mitoma, he is just to good. If you give him the chance he will ended up destroying you and your team. He is one player that I will love to see in the Liverpool fc shirt. The dude is going to give us struggling time tomorrow, he is going to be a player to watch out for.

Aside that, one strong match that we will be seeing is the Arsenal versus the Manchester city match, this is going to be wonderful. I just can't wait to see how this match will end. If you observe closely you will see that the Arsenal fc team have not picked up a good form, they are still struggling while the Manchester city side are still maintaining their 100% form when it comes to the English premier league competition, both side for sure will love to walk away with the much anticipated three (3) point, this is what will makes the encounter more competitive and fun. As for me, what I will say is that let the best team on that day wins. This year episode of the English premier league competition is going to be very difficult and competitive, this is simply because, from the look of things we can see that all the teams are not here to play.

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