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All eyes on the Manchester United team as they host Brentford United at Old Trafford



First of all I will welcome us yet to another amazing and fantastic weekend. I must admit that the moment we are in weekend I am always happy, this is simply because I knows that weekend always carries alot of positive vibes and amazing moment. I have always preferred the clubs matches to international break, sometimes I don't for any reason wants to see the international break. Just like what I hinted above, truth be told, I don't for any reason loves the international break. There is nothing bad with the international break, the only thing is that when it comes to the international break matches, my country is not helping matters at all. They are making things so awkward and that has really annoyed me I must admit. When you compare my country to other countries you will see and discover that my country is not trying at all. I am sad and angry about this, the truth is that since I am not feeling what they are doing I have decided to play or pay less attention to whatsoever thing that they are doing.

As for your information, the essence of the qualifiers matches that we will be seeing currently is to see the team that will qualify for the Africa cup of Nations come 2024. I will be preparing a post to discuss about this some other time. Right at this moment what is running through my mind is that we all knows that our star player Mohammed Salah will be departing for this competition when it kick starts. As for your information we have to make that we prepare for what lies ahead but before then, I remembered some years back when Mohammed Salah, Sadio Mane, Naiby Keita, and host of other African players departed for the Africa cup of Nations competition, I remembered that I was panicking just like this, but otherwise, something else happened. We all saw how Diego Jota came out from till the competition ended and we never missed the players that departed. From nowhere he assisted and helped the Liverpool fc team till they returned. We ended up winning the Carling cup during that period. This is to shows you that when one door closes, another will eventually opens 


I so much love Jurgen Klopp when it comes to management, he is top notch I must admit. Ever since he took over at the Liverpool fc team, there is one thing that I have done, I have entrust everything to him. I knows he doesn't fails to deliver. When players depart for one or two reason he will be able to still run the team perfectly well. To all Liverpool fc fans out there we all should be grateful for having Jurgen Klopp as our head coach, once again, he is a rare gem coach. I just can't wait to see my team, Liverpool fc achieving apex height under his reign. I want to see my team winning more and more trophies under him.

Deviating from that and discussing about what we have at hand, we all should knows that when it comes to the English premier league competition, especially as it deals and relates to the 2023/2024 season, Manchester United despite all the signings have fallen off the line or route. This has been a major challenging point for the entire Manchester United fans or their ecosystem. Myself that is not a Manchester United fan I am also having feelings for them, this is holding to the fact that I am also feeling their pain. I just don't know what to say, should we classify this to be their building stage, I will say no because I am not seeing anything amazing about the team.


As for your information the Manchester United team are on 10th position, they have played 7 matches, win three (3) and lost four (4), this is really challenging I must admit. The result is not the problem, the problem we have at hand is that the team is not showing any level of seriousness. Today we will be watching and seeing how they will do against Brentford United, I know their fans will be more angry if they didn't achieved any thing positive from this match. 

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I will end the post here, have a nice day.


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