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Knowing what is FOMO in the cryptocurrency ecosystem



The moment I came across this word my mind flashes back to some years ago when this friend of mine keeps using this word. Anytime he uses the word I am always paying attention to him, out of shame I was forced not to asked him. If I do I know for sure that he will laugh at me claiming that he though that I knows cryptocurrency very well, he will keep telling different people about the incident. I don't want to see someone redicule me so I decided to go to Google and I search for the word he is using and from there I knows when to use it.

Many people will just say the word without knowing how to use it and when it should be applied. I for sure owe Google search engine a lot, I was able to save my ass from laughing stock through it. Just like the message that I am trying to share above, the word FOMO stands for something. Despite that, you should knows that before speaking or using such word, you should use it in the right way. As we progresses in this post we will be able to know how to use the word FOMO.

If you remembered some days back you will see that I blogged about the acronym DYOR, it is same thing that we will be seeing when it comes to the word FOMO, it is an acronym that is standing for something. When it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large, we always have so many word that we always love to abbreviate, this is holding to the very fact that we are trying to make sure that we have our own basic terms that we are using in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It will take those in the cryptocurrency ecosystem to understand what we are saying i.e.the message that we are trying to convey. If you observe closely you will see that when it comes to all field of life, being it Doctors, Tailor, Mechanical engineer, Fire fighting department, Computers engineers, bankers etc, they all have their basic terms which they use in communicating. The moment you get to pay such ecosystem a visit you will be surprised to hear words that you won't understand, it will take only those in that field to understand the message that they are trying to pass or the message that they are trying to convey out. This is just the beauty of whatsoever system, body or organization out there. Just like what I said above, it gives such body, organization or system a redefining face. It makes such system, organization or body to gain more attention. We all knows that since every body is using code to communicate, you will see people who fall in love with such body and they will try to extend the love by trying to work with them.

Since we knows that in different ecosystem, body and field acronym are used to make such system a little bit unique, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not exempted from such activities. We are doing it so that the cryptocurrency ecosystem can look more matured and unique also. With all this being used, people were seen blogging as they research about what such words stand for, after that they were able to learn other things in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. I will love to see more acronym when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large. We need all this strategies to help draw cryptocurrency ecosystem to mainstream. 


Well, that aside, what does FOMO acronym stands for in the cryptocurrency ecosystem 


What is FOMO

FOMO in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is an acronym that stands for FEAR OF MISSING OUT.

Why is it used in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

Let me explain further what it means. When it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, do you know that they are times where you will hear that a cryptocurrency project is doing well, you will now invest in such cryptocurrency project by buying it token/coin simply because you don't want to see that you missed out of the goodies from such cryptocurrency project. When you do this you are doing FOMO. This is simply because you are afraid to miss out of the national cake. Now if the cryptocurrency project goes negative you will say I FOMO into this cryptocurrency project and right now I am regretting why I did so. On the other hand, if it went well you will say that I FOMO into this cryptocurrency project and right now I am making a lot of money from this cryptocurrency project. This is simply the best explanation about FOMO you can eve see out there.

I will end the post here, have a nice day.


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