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Differentiating between Coin and Token when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem



I remembered some years back when I came across the cryptocurrency ecosystem, somebody mentioned about coin and token when I attended a cryptocurrency seminar, it was my first cryptocurrency seminar. I was happy that I attended that cryptocurrency seminar simply because it was among the things that shaped my cryptocurrency knowledge to the state and stage that I have attained today in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As per those still sitting on the fence when it comes to attending cryptocurrency seminars, I will say that you are missing out. Two things happened that I really enjoyed in one cryptocurrency seminars that I attended. Do you knows that somebody find her missing rip on one of the seminars that I attended and to crown it all, I was shocked to see someone proposing also. The person that find her missing rip said that he was surprised to see that after the seminar ended someone walked to her and told her that he loves her and all happened like play. After some months she discovered that it lead to marriage and today they are happily married. They were getting things easier when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem simply because they are working together as one when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large. The other person that proposes said almost same story but he said something that touches my heart. He said that he keeps attending cryptocurrency seminars simply because he is looking for a lady that has cryptocurrency knowledge, someone that can had impact to his life not somebody that can't render anything. He said he walked to this lady, collected her number and they started communicating gradually. He saw how brighter the lady is. He was able to spot this simply because he uses different ways and logic to test the lady cryptocurrency knowledge and he discovered that the lady is filled with knowledge, cryptocurrency knowledge that is even bigger than his. He was shocked and he promised that he will stop at nothing till he gets the lady.

As per the above, this is how he get closer and a time the lady tested his cryptocurrency knowledge also and she was satisfy that the lad is doing well also. The dude said that he told the lady they showed try going into relationship to see if they will be able to bring out something unique. They started dating and the rest is history, they are once again happily married. The bottom line of what I just said is that when it comes to attending cryptocurrency seminars, you can come out with different amazing stuff, it won't be cryptocurrency only. We all can see how people got married and they are happily happy with the achievement so far. As per me, I am always happy when they say to me that there is cryptocurrency seminars, it has impacted my life positively I must admit. Cryptocurrency is too sweet if you knows what you are doing in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. When there is bear run I am not bothered, I am here simply for the better and also for the worse. Mind you, if you knows what you are doing in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there is nothing like worse period i.e bear market, this is simply because when it comes to bear market, it is for some reason, learn to take a proper advantage of it if you are smart to simply do so.


Differentiating between Coin and Token when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem

When it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem you should knows that there is more to learn. I know that they are some persons in the cryptocurrency ecosystem who still don't knows and understand that there is difference between coin and token in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Without much discussion and deliberation, there is difference between the both. Let us progress into knowing the difference. I will explain the difference between the two of them in a lane man's knowledge. Well, let us progress.


What is Coin?

As for your information, when you own a blockchain, you should knows that if such cryptocurrency project has something to pioneer it, such thing is called Coin. Take the Ethereum blockchain as a case. The Ethereum blockchain has their stuff which is called coin, this is possible because they have their own personal blockchain. What I am trying to say here is that when you hear that a project has a blockchain you should knows that such project has a coin. 


What is Token?

If you take closer look at the cryptocurrency ecosystem you will discover that they are alot of cryptocurrency project out there that don't have a blockchain, they are existing simply because they are running under a cryptocurrency project that has a blockchain. Now take for instance, if you see any cryptocurrency project operating under the Ethereum blockchain you should knows that such project can't own a coin, rather still, they can only own a token. In a nutshell, a token is a cryptocurrency project that is under a cryptocurrency blockchain. You can easily see them in so many exchanges, they don't have their own cryptocurrency blockchain, they are running under a cryptocurrency project and thus far, they are referred to a cryptocurrency with a token. Any cryptocurrency project that launches under the Hive blockchain is going to be referred as token while the Hive blockchain will be referred to as coin.

With this being said, I believed we have understand the difference between the word coin and token. 

I will end the post here, have a nice day.


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