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Big blow for Jurgen Klopp as Andy Robertson sustain injury during international break



Good day to yet another beautiful day surrounded with soccer activities. I must admit that I am happy that players out there have the right and privilege to be able to play of their respectful countries. If you as a player were not called up to perform for your country, it doesn't mean that you are a good player, it means that you should try to work on your very self. When that is done you will be surprised by the outcome as a day will come where your moment is being needed. You will be surprised to see that that day, it will be cherish and taken more seriously. I have said it time without numbers that there is nothing sweeter for a player than being called to play for his national team. If you are being called up you should knows that it means your career in the soccer ecosystem has taken a different twist. You can't say that you are a soccer start if you haven't partake in playing for your respectful country's. If you check properly you will see that players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo are case study. They don't for once reject the offer if they are being called up by their national team. It is because of that beautiful charisma that they possess that has catapulted their soccer to the stage that they have attained today. Once again, it has impacted their lives for the best. If you want to be seen as a world best player or considered to win world best player title awards, you must note that impacting your country in a positive way when it comes to the soccer ecosystem is something you should not toil or play with. Once again, try and spare up your time to do research and you will discovered that attaining a good fit in the soccer ecosystem requires you to contribute to your country's in a positive way. 

Deviating from that and discussing about the Liverpool fc team, we all should knows that the Liverpool fc team started pretty well but the single fact still remains that injury might be something that might impacted them this season. The truth is that Jurgen Klopp is a very good coach but painfully he is not getting what he wanted. If you want to be found challenging for the English premier league trophy or any other major trophy out there you should knows that you will be needing a good second eleven. You just can't just relent on your first eleven. If you do so, you might regret deep down along the line. This is one thing that I have been hinting on, day in day out. We all sees that during last season we saw this major blow, this is not simply because we aren't good enough but simply because injury jammed and hammered our team so badly that made us not to be able to bounce back and challenge for the the English premier league trophy. We struggled during that period and that impacted our team so badly.

Injury and fatigue is one thing that you should never toil or joke with deep down no matter what as a coach. If you failed to work on your team against fatigue and injuries you will be surprised by the outcome and that outcome is something you will regret coming across. Soccer is something that is very interesting but we are not doing it the rightful way that we all wanted and cherished. As for your information, I have been looking at the Liverpool fc team for a vary long time now and aside them doing well this season by starting well, I must admit that I am not pleased when it comes to fatigue and injuries. This has to be seriously addressed. We can't allows injuries and fatigues to impact our season badly. We can't seat down and watch our team loosing trophies simply because they what we wanted or are affected by fatigue or injuries.

Jurgen Klopp have to work on injuries affecting his team

From information reaching me we all can see that Andy Robertson has joined the numbers of players that sustain injuries in the Liverpool fc team. This is pretty bad I must admit. We all knows how good and instrumental Andy Robertson is to the Liverpool fc team. Well, this is a good chance for Kostas Tsimikas to prove his worth as he will be the one that will be called up to replace the injured Robertson. 

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