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What is snapshot and why it is needed in the cryptocurrency ecosystem



Without much talk or argument we all can attest to it that in the cryptocurrency ecosystem there is every tendency that snapshot has come to stay. It use case in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is something that we can't over emphasize. I am really doing a thumbs up to the person who introduced snapshot to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large. We all should knows that right at this moment, taking snapshot has been something wonderful simply because it has helped to take care of so many argument. If you take a look at those new cryptocurrency project or protocols out there you will discover that with the use of snapshot, they have been able to do and get things in place. We all knows that taking record has not ben easy when compared to how record is taken in the cryptocurrency ecosystem back then, I am so happy that things has really changed as we can now say that record taking has been easier and better. So much improvement I must admit. We just need to keep improving how snapshot is being taken and how the records are being saved. All these has to be put into consideration. I must admit that I have been looking for ways and avenue to be able to blog about this cryptocurrency topic for a very long period of time now but whenever I wants to give it a try, the more I procrastinate. Well, I am so happy that today I am able to destroy the procrastinating spirit in me as I am about discussing about the word snapshot in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large. Once again I am so happy about that.

Aside trying to blog about snapshot but procrastinated so many times, I must say that coming across a friend in the cryptocurrency who made me argued about this topic really makes me feels so happy. I don't know how we manage to get to the snapshot part when we were discussing about record taking and saving in the cryptocurrency ecosystem but gradually it shifted to cryptocurrency snapshot and why it is needed. Gradually we discussed and shared ideas, this gave us more hint why taking snapshot is an integral thing in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Ever since we talked about why snapshot is important to be taken in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, I rushed down to document this post and I assured him that I will be blogging about this cryptocurrency topic called snapshot to be precise. Once more, you just have to see how we put so much energy into the discussion that we were discussing, this is simply because I must admit that I really enjoyed the cryptocurrency post to the very last. When I got home I made sure that I carried out some research and after that I decided to serve us with this amazing cryptocurrency post which talks about snapshot. If you take close look or you pay attention to my first paragraph regarding this post, you will discover that I almost exposed what the definition of snapshot in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is. Well, let us jump into the post in an amazing grand style, what is Snapshot.


What is Snapshot in cryptocurrency

I am really happy that we have gotten to this path, at least I can now dish out what is inside me regarding to what I know about the word snapshot as it relates and deals with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As for your information, I am going to be making it brief so that we can get the message that I am trying to say. 

Snap shot can be seen or defined as the process of taking record in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It can also been seen as an avenue where record of the situation of the blockchain at a particular block height is being taken. This record can be saved for a later use as per when the need arises. When I was asking and doing my research someone tole me that snapshot are popularly used during airdrop. The person that said this is right. You need to take record so that you can know how to distribute reward to those who has helped to carry one or two task in such a airdrop project.


Why is snapshot important in the cryptocurrency ecosystem

If you failed to take record by doing snapshot, you might run into big issue as time progress. Snapshot is very important simply because it is used to take record when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the blockchain at large. Just like what I hinted above, with snapshot being taken you can run out record in a cryptocurrency system if the need arises especially if there is argument stating that proof is being needed.

I will end the post here, have a nice day.


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