Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

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The serey application is an application created by the country of Cambodia, the serey application is the same as the steemit and weku application. Because this serey application is almost 98% the same as steemit and weku applications, because both of them get the advantage between the author and the application, which means the results of the posts we make. We accept the payment for seven (7) days. Which results are shared between two curators and the writer. So we both benefit. So I suggest to friends who have not joined or joined the Serey platform, please join. The method of registering is the same as registering steemit and weku, but the period of sending the password or password is at most 1 day more or the fastest 12 hours. So what's wrong with trying. Because something needs an experiment. Yuuk join: NOTE: Don't forget to always smile, work hard and don't forget to pray to the Almighty, hopefully what we want is achieved. I am @ teukumannan97 Ask yourself WASALAM.
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