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Starfield Gameplay No Commentary Part 3 - Exploring Laboratory on Planet and Fighting along Stealing


Hi Everyone,
after we completed playing AC Origins, we were looking for a new game. But then we got to know about this beautiful game as it launched this month.
We got this game from the XBOX store with our Ultimate game pass and is a nice game to play.

About the game

It is a Sci-Fi Open World RPG-based game by Bethesda Game Studio where one can explore the planets, and explore different locations, craft items, and territories. You can become a space ranger and battle with Ships or steal ships and explore different planets.
In this the characters can be interacted with including NPCs, that can give you some info related to your mission, or maybe a side mission.
We are still exploring the game


So this is our third and short gameplay. In this, we explored stealing and equipping different items such as food, aid, and liquids. And weapons between cutters, guns, and other hand-held weapons like screwdrivers or hammers.

So, in this part, we finally turned on the engines for the Garett spaceship. This part continues from the last part where we landed on a new planet and need to go towards the laboratory.

We started checking the surroundings for clues as we didn't know what could be done in the game. We got to know that we can pick items and sell them. But the player can't carry more items, as they create additional weight causing the player to slow down. Not like other games isn't it, at least the physics work here, a little bit.

So, we talked with our partner robot, and he gave us so many answers that we were looking for a game. Also, he allowed us to exchange items, so we didn't have to carry them.
We can just go talk to him anytime and then exchange items. This is better than increasing the weight of your player, making it hard to survive in the space.

Next, we went deep inside the laboratory and we heard some crying. As we went ahead, we saw some pirates in a lobby area and we fought them. But we lost once and then tried again. We also looted their weapons and credits.
Weapons can be helpful for further combat, as we have limited ammo. So picking up enemy weapons is on the safer side of the game. The credits are the money of the game, which can be stolen from the pirates, who in fact stole from others. A feeling of space Robin Hood, except you spent it all on your own.

Next, we further explored more, and in another area, the pirates attacked us with weapon direct combat, and we failed once. But then we took the cutter out and lasered everyone there.

We also found med kits and items on the way, that we stole. There was one locker though, which we opened by spending some time as the character doesn't have mastery in lock picking yet.

After getting out, we encountered another group of pirates and we had to talk. Unfortunately, we were not able to persuade them, so we had to fight. We were not able to fight all of them, as it is not like a game where you can just hit someone and he is wasted. So, we ran away to our ship.
Also, our oxygen just dropped on the way and we barely reached the ship.
We then quickly onboard the ship and left the planet. We moved to Atlantis city next.

Watch the video to learn more. Next, we will explore New Atlantis City in the coming videos.

Thanks for watching

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