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Nature is one place in the universe that has a large size and a very large size. So that anyone who explores it certainly will not run out to visit because until now there is still a place in this world that has just been discovered, which means that this trait is very broad and not closed most likely to be found again hidden places that have never been looted by humans. When you are in a very large place, of course you realize the splendor of this Nature that is so beautiful and charming that anyone who sees it will certainly be the impression that is very interested. ![IMG_20190207_173433.jpg]( When we speak of Nature, we can say that the universe is said to be a universe or a universe according to language, which is a term used to describe all the spaces of time continuously where we live in living our civilization as humans. Then with the energy and material it has at. Then to understand the understanding of the universe in this scope on the greatest possible scale, there is cosmology, the science that developed from physics and astronomy. The thing you have understood is as explained by our school teacher when you were sitting in the school bench. ![IMG_20190207_173517.jpg]( Nature, besides looking beautiful and will also feel comfortable when we are in it is also very beneficial for human health. This is evident in the opinion of experts saying that being in the universe is very good for one's mental and physical health. You can try it if you are in the open like the example in the picture in this post, it will have an impact on your condition or body in terms of a healthy mind, in the sense that you will be happy and comfortable when someone faces the open air. ![IMG_20190207_173453.jpg]( Being in a wide and open nature is very cool and fun, you will breathe fresh air released by the environment itself.Nature is beautiful and there are many benefits in it. Thus, the brief explanation that I have described, hopefully this post will be beneficial for your health and your life. Thank you very much.
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**This photo was taken with Camera MI Note 5 + Landscape, while the photo location is in West Java Indonesia**
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