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@sxiii is back at Serey!



Greetings guys! Have you missed me @ Serey?

I've used to write here quite often in earlier days of this platform.

But I missed really much with this redesign and I don't understand why, but I do have 0 followers now. I didn't had many, but I bet something between 100 and 300 followers were out there.

Do you know what happened? Can you tell me in the comments below?

Also, I am thinking of restarting my crypto-blogging career as I mostly established myself after moving to Norway. If you're interested in my posts, I'm usually writing about Linux, opensource software and hardware, free software movement, technology, as well as my thoughts and news on my personal projects.

If you would like to know more and welcome me back please leave a comment and do subscribe :) I'd be happy.


Until next time,



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